WordPress Plug-in Research

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Finding plug-ins hasn’t exactly been hassles free. I discovered quite early on in the research that I would need certain plug-ins in order to get the functionality that was required. There were several options for each plug-in so I had to read a lot of reviews and forums to find out which was the best option in each case to get an picture in my head of how the chosen plug-ins would work together.

I got a shock when I found out one of the plug-ins I needed to allow bulk discounts for multi-buys was a premium plug-in which cost $279. I contacted the WordPress support team and explained who I was, what I needed, and why I needed it and they kindly allowed me to use the plug-in for free. This was after I contacted other companies and asked for help but got no response, so hearing back from the WordPress team was refreshing and validated my selection of using WordPress in the first place. Their service and support is excellent considering its an open source and free service in the first place.

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