June 30, 2013


Distance Learning College Workforce Development Guide

A better trained workforce leads to a better business. Simple as that. And the facts speak for themselves. Read our comprehensive guide which covers all aspects of training and is suitable for individuals, small businesses or large corporations. Simply enter your details and click submit and a download link will appear.

Identifying Your Businesses Training Needs

A study from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that business’ that offer comprehensive training have 218% higher income per employee and enjoy a 24% higher profit margin. Further studies by ASTD found that ‘the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences employee engagement.

Methods of Meeting Training Needs

The training cycle is a great way to assess what training your business may need, one step at a time. Every business is different, so following each step and answering each question at the end of each step will let you know whether your business could benefit from training. Simply experiencing a training event can result in learning.

Evaluation & Reviewing

The individual’s needs are usually identified through monitoring their performance or under-performance. These are usually identified through the your performance appraisal process for development and progression, or via under-performance through measures in place to monitor performance.