Project Completed!

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I feel a huge sense of accomplishment from finishing this project. I have enjoyed this module a great deal but it is the module which has given me the most stress. I think it’s because of the huge importance of this module, and how important it is do well in it. I realise all the pressure has been placed on me by myself but this is due to my own high standards and second guessing my website wondering if it is good enough.

Doing well in this module, and in my degree overall is extremely important to me and I feel I have done everything I could to make this project a success.

Anyway the website works great and I feel like I have done a good job on it. I have had lots of positive feedback on it from people but you never know if they’re just being nice. I believe that my concept could work and I believe that the research I will be presenting in my report will back that statement up.

So glad the website is finished I now have to finish my report and present my case in written format. I have lots of separate documents to compile into my final report as I tended to have separate word documents for different subjects such as research, analysis etc. Then there are the designs which were done using photoshop, these images need to be optimised and formatted in with the written stuff. I already have over 5000 words split into different files which is a great start, although it’s not in any kind of order yet but it will be when I submit my final version.

Looking forward to my grade now, after the hard work comes the glory (well hopefully).

Signing off, that completes my project diary 🙂

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